2021 Parkin Drawing Prize Finalists

Kiri Abraham – Covering

Emma Alexandra – Untitled (Notched Bones)

Martin Ball – Remnant VII

Gareth Barlow – The Resurrection Of Kahungunu

Andrew Beck – Study for Impermanence

Katherine Bedford – Bringing It All Into One

Joanne Black – The Virtue of Truth.The Reflection of Which is not Meant to Lie

Mark Braunias – In Search of the Saccharine Underground

Ann  Braunsteiner – Soft Ground | Tall Grass

Sarah Brock – Butterick 5707 Size 2 breast 53cm 14 pieces

Esther Bunning – Yellow_a World in Isolation_Covid19

Beatrice Carlson – Lines

Pete Cernis – A Sense of Place

Anton Chapman – Escalation (Moraine and Mountain)

Julia Christey – Matters of Matter II

Pass the Blue Collective – Drawn Together Over Coffee

Andrew Cox – Languishing

Anne Daniel – From My Garden

Lucy Dolan Kang – Numinous

Sam Dollimore – Self Portrait With Good Omens

Denise Durkin – Virginia - Living Room Project

C J Edmonds – The Build

Fraser Findlay – The Wiz

Stuart Forsyth – I’m Glad You’ve Stuck Around, Your Presence Comforts Me

Cara Fotofili – Body Without Organs

Robyn Gibson – Still Life

Ingrid Gotlieb – Under Investigation

Belinda Griffiths – Emerge

Weilun Ha – Hydra

Thomas Hancock – Figure Studies 1 - 10

Terry Hann – The Secret Keeper

Veronica Herber – Falling in the Faded Fog

Veronica Herber – Down by the River III

Darnia Hobson – Pulpit

Kim Ireland – Push/Pull

Susanne Kerr – Floating World: Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Motoko Kikkawa – Mysterious Lighting World

Reece King – Proto

Emma Lay – Excess Baggage

Marie Le Lievre – Tracking (Baggage)

Helen Lenihan – Scorched Earth

Johnathan Lovering – Nightshift

Colin Luxton – Jar

Susan Mabin – Mapping the Flora of Tutaekuri River

Nicola McCafferty – Resonance

Stephanie McEwin – Golden Crowd

Maggie McGregor – Do You Ever Get The Feeling We’re All Going The Wrong Way?

Harry Moores – Observer With Forward Slash

Kylie Murrle – Hereafter

Simon Nicholls – Plateau

Sue Pearce – Your Perfect Face 2

Connah Podmore – Light Held Light

Kelly Pretty – The Adventures of H-Man

Pantea Rastegari – Looking Forward to Look Back

James Robinson – The Ecological Thought (Old Brain)

Kiri Saul – Hypertrophic

Kiri Saul – This is love

Kate Sellar – Trace Elements

Lea-Anne Sheather – Recovered Depths

Michelle Sigley – Solace

Fleur Stevenson – A Journey’s Drawing

Morag Stokes – Mickey Mouse Revisited (diptych) #2

Jennifer Summers – Dwelling

Adrienne Tait – Tower of Protection

Jane Tan – The Translator

Ana TaylorTo my sun, I can’t seem to reach you anymore

James Thomson-Bache – Monolith

Cathy Tuato’o Ross  – Self Portrait 100 Years Ago

Briar Tucker – What Lies Beneath

Elisabeth Vullings – Double-Sited

Creek Waddington – Olympic Rings from the Holes in my Pants

Sam Walker – I Am Vertical II

Rebecca Wallis – Fissure 2

Marion Wassenaar – Carbon Shroud

Megan White – Impossible Vista

Cora-Allan Wickliffe – Katuali and Ladders

Amanda Wilkinson – Aggregate

Julie Wilson – Feelings from The Heart

Mia Wilson – Hypnosis by Osmosis

Holly Zandbergen – Te Ponga, Raikaitane Track

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