Entry for the Parkin Drawing Prize 2021 is now open.

Chris Parkin and the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts invite all artists in New Zealand to submit drawings in the Parkin Drawing Prize.


The award promotes excellence in drawing in all its forms and the winning entrant receives a prize of $25,000. 10 highly commended prizes of $500 each will also be awarded.

The exhibition of finalists will be held at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Queens Wharf, Wellington, when the winner and highly commended prize winners will be announced.



The Entry Form is best displayed in Google Chrome browser. 

Download Chrome Now


Artists can only submit entries online through this form.

Artists may submit up to two entries.

Artists may submit up to two images per entry.

Please have the image(s) of your artwork at hand when you complete this form.  JPGs only


Form Information

Stage 1. Personal Details

Information about you, the artist.

You must complete:

Name: First and Last

Email: Your Email address, will also allow you to log back in to edit your entries.

Password: Use a password you will remember so you can log back in, to edit your entries. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR PASSWORD. Parkin Prize cannot retrieve it for you.

NZ Resident or Citizen: Confirmation


Stage 2. Details of Entry

Information about your drawing(s).

You must complete:

Title of Work


Height, width and depth: Of your artwork only. NOT including frame, in millimetres. MAX 3000mm (Maximum size of artwork must be within 3m x 3m x 1.5m). Video entries input height and width as ‘1’.

Price: Inc. GST and 33.33% Gallery commission. 

Artist Statement: Optional. Describe your Artwork in no more than 100 words.

Previously Exhibited: Confirm that the Artwork has NOT been shown in a major exhibition in New Zealand.

Artwork Images: Maximum of two images, JPGs only. Video entries, upload a screen grab of your video.

Google "How to make a screen grab."



Video Entries


A video entry requires a video "link".  Do not upload the video directly into the form.

Uploaded your video to be viewed on www.youtube.com  or Vimeo. mp4 format are accepted only.

Input height and width as ‘1’  and upload a jpg screen shot of your artwork or video in ‘Upload artwork image’ to complete the entry.

YouTube.com how to:

  1. Sign in to YouTube. (Create an account to be able to sign in)
  2. Click on Upload  at the top of the page.
  3. Choose the video privacy settings.
  4. Select the video.
  5. As the video is uploading, you can edit information etc
  6. Click Publish to finish uploading a public video to YouTube. If you set the video privacy setting to Private or Unlisted, just click Done to finish the upload or click Share to privately share your video.

Now get the link/URL

  1. Locate your video look below the video for a Share button.
  2. Go to Embed button which is displayed directly below the Link URL.
  3. Click the Embed button, you will see the HTML code for embedding the video. Copy the code.
  1. Note: Do a search in YouTube.com to get full instructions.

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