The Parkin Drawing Prize is Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier award for drawing. It promotes drawing in all its forms – as discovery, a testing of ideas, and decision making.

People's Choice Award for the 2021 Parkin Drawing Prize


Congratulations to Gareth Barlow, winner of the 2021 People's Choice Award for his work “The Resurrection of Kahungunu”.

Currently residing in Sydney, Gareth was born and grew up in the Hutt Valley. His art reflects the love of the culture he was surrounded by his entire life. Through family, friends, neighbours and teachers, he was encouraged to follow a journey of discovery and connection, a journey now expressed through his work.

To find out more about Gareth and his work visit


Congratulations to the 2021 winner of the Parkin Drawing Prize


Mark Braunias from Kawhia, Waikato has been announced the winner of the 2021 Parkin Drawing Prize.

Mark’s work ‘In search of the Saccharine Underground’, using ink and acrylic on industrial builders’ paper, was chosen as the winner from an impressive 563 entries nationwide and 80 finalists at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts’ Academy Galleries on Tuesday 3 August. Read more.

See all selected entries

Congratulations to all artists who had work selected for finalists for this year’s Parkin Drawing Prize.  The selection panel would like to pass on their thanks for your submissions, wishing you well for the future. On behalf of the Parkin Drawing Prize organisation and the NZ Academy of Fine Arts keep on drawing … we hope to see you submit to the Parkin Drawing Prize 2022.



Congratulations to the Parkin Drawing Prize

2021 Winner

Mark Braunias - In Search of the Saccharine Underground - SOLD

2021 Merit Awards

Martin Ball - Remnant VII - SOLD

Gareth Barlow - The Resurrection Of Kahungunu - SOLD

Anton Chapman - Escalation (Moraine and Mountain)

Belinda Griffiths - Emerge - SOLD

Weilun Ha - Hydra - SOLD

Colin Luxton - Jar

Sue Pearce - Your Perfect Face 2 - SOLD

Connah Podmore - Light Held Light - SOLD

Fleur Stevenson - A Journey’s Drawing

Marion Wassenaar - Carbon Shroud - SOLD

See 2021 Finalist work here


2021 Parkin Drawing Prize Finalists

Kiri Abraham – Covering

Emma Alexandra – Untitled (Notched Bones)

Martin Ball – Remnant VII - MERIT - SOLD 

Gareth Barlow – The Resurrection Of Kahungunu - MERIT - SOLD

Andrew Beck – Study for Impermanence

Katherine Bedford – Bringing It All Into One - SOLD

Joanne Black – The Virtue of Truth.The Reflection of Which is not Meant to Lie

Mark Braunias – In Search of the Saccharine Underground - WINNER - SOLD

Ann  Braunsteiner – Soft Ground | Tall Grass

Sarah Brock – Butterick 5707 Size 2 breast 53cm 14 pieces

Esther Bunning – Yellow_a World in Isolation_Covid19

Beatrice Carlson – Lines

Pete Cernis – A Sense of Place

Anton Chapman – Escalation (Moraine and Mountain) - MERIT

Julia Christey – Matters of Matter II

Pass the Blue Collective – Drawn Together Over Coffee

Andrew Cox – Languishing

Anne Daniel – From My Garden - SOLD

Lucy Dolan Kang – Numinous - SOLD

Sam Dollimore – Self Portrait With Good Omens

Denise Durkin – Virginia - Living Room Project - SOLD

C J Edmonds – The Build

Fraser Findlay – The Wiz

Stuart Forsyth – I’m Glad You’ve Stuck Around, Your Presence Comforts Me - SOLD

Cara Fotofili – Body Without Organs

Robyn Gibson – Still Life

Ingrid Gotlieb – Under Investigation

Belinda Griffiths – Emerge - MERIT - SOLD 

Weilun Ha – Hydra - MERIT - SOLD 

Thomas Hancock – Figure Studies 1 - 10

Terry Hann – The Secret Keeper

Veronica Herber – Falling in the Faded Fog

Veronica Herber – Down by the River III

Darnia Hobson – Pulpit

Kim Ireland – Push/Pull

Susanne Kerr – Floating World: Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Motoko Kikkawa – Mysterious Lighting World

Reece King – Proto

Emma Lay – Excess Baggage - SOLD

Marie Le Lievre – Tracking (Baggage)

Helen Lenihan – Scorched Earth - SOLD

Johnathan Lovering – Nightshift

Colin Luxton – Jar - MERIT

Susan Mabin – Mapping the Flora of Tutaekuri River - SOLD

Nicola McCafferty – Resonance - SOLD

Stephanie McEwin – Golden Crowd - SOLD

Maggie McGregor – Do You Ever Get The Feeling We’re All Going The Wrong Way?

Harry Moores – Observer With Forward Slash

Kylie Murrle – Hereafter

Simon Nicholls – Plateau

Sue Pearce – Your Perfect Face 2 - MERIT - SOLD 

Connah Podmore – Light Held Light - MERIT - SOLD

Kelly Pretty – The Adventures of H-Man

Pantea Rastegari – Looking Forward to Look Back

James Robinson – The Ecological Thought (Old Brain)

Kiri Saul – Hypertrophic

Kiri Saul – This is love

Kate Sellar – Trace Elements - SOLD

Lea-Anne Sheather – Recovered Depths

Michelle Sigley – Solace

Fleur Stevenson – A Journey’s Drawing - MERIT - SOLD

Morag Stokes – Mickey Mouse Revisited (diptych) #2

Jennifer Summers – Dwelling

Adrienne Tait – Tower of Protection

Jane Tan – The Translator

Ana TaylorTo my sun, I can’t seem to reach you anymore

James Thomson-Bache – Monolith

Cathy Tuato’o Ross  – Self Portrait 100 Years Ago - SOLD

Briar Tucker – What Lies Beneath

Elisabeth Vullings – Double-Sited

Creek Waddington – Olympic Rings from the Holes in my Pants - SOLD

Sam Walker – I Am Vertical II - SOLD

Rebecca Wallis – Fissure 2

Marion Wassenaar – Carbon Shroud - MERIT

Megan White – Impossible Vista

Cora-Allan Wickliffe – Katuali and Ladders

Amanda Wilkinson – Aggregate

Julie Wilson – Feelings from The Heart

Mia Wilson – Hypnosis by Osmosis

Holly Zandbergen – Te Ponga, Raikaitane Track - SOLD




18 March 2021

Entry is now closed.

8 June 2021

Entries closed at 4pm. 
Late entries will not be accepted.

30 June 2021

Works shortlisted for the prize announced.

23 July 2021 

Works shortlisted for the prize arrived at the Academy, 4pm.

 2 August 2021

The winner  announced at the official awards evening at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.

3 August - 26 September 2021 

The exhibition is open to the public.




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