2015 Winner  Gabrielle Amodeo - The Floor We Walk On


Congratulations to the 2015 Finalists


Gabrielle Amodeo - The Floor We Walk On (a drawing of the entire floor of our house) WINNER

Phil Andrews - Tinie Tempah
Heidi Ankers - 'POLATAUFALE, The Inner Blind'
Judi Bagust - Emergence - unfolding
Martin Ball - Plan for a Japanese Garden xi
Hannah Batty - Structure VI
Hannah Beehre - Battle of the Mice and Frogs (after Kyosai)
William Bond - Ecce Fucking Homo
Adi Brown - The Query I
Janie Bruce - Strange Peaks (Fortunes Keeper)
Sarah Buist - The orange and the blue
Sarah Callesen - Action Reaction Resonance
Ruth Cleland - Island with Grid #3
Elliot Collins - Hikurangi (Tabula Rasa with ray of light)
Deborah Crowe - Fictional Realities: Turf
Tara Douglas - Rose Window
EDWARDS + JOHANN - Constellations - drawing strength #7
EDWARDS + JOHANN - On the seam of things - Constellations #3 (two part work)
Simon Esling -Triage
stephen farrel - conclave
Margaret Feeney - BRISCOES 1017613001 9-419771-097279 $17.99
James R Ford - Proposition for an invisible drawing #1
Robyn Gibson - Insects
Robyn Gibson - Staircase
Tyne Gordon - Form 2
Fiona Lee - Graham Awaiting Applause
Ross Gray - Joust
Sally Griffin - Tale of Two Cities
Claire Harris - Celebrity squares: Miley 2014
Rebecca Hasselman - Sabine
Matt Hunt - Study for the dragon the beast and the demonic hordes
Elton Irvine - 144 drawings yet to begun. (pink)
Ana Iti - The Crepuscule
Ina Johann - Home - LESS (diptych)
Ina Johann - Berlin Diary - Parallel lines (diptych)
Katherine Joyce-Kellaway - "Qualia" #3
Yukari kaihori - Drawing study on painting pallet
Jae Kang - Unkote
Kirsty Lillico - Shroud

Hugo koha - lindsay "Y"
Tom Mackie - 'door'
Philip Madill - "You press the button, we do the rest"
Lucy McGillivray - Face Fold
Damon Meade - Disrupted Black Square
Helena Morris - "Drawing the Line "
Cam Munroe - Studying Line
Zoe Nash - 990 plus 10 equals 1000
Laila O'Brien - Little Pinky
Paul Paul - (Looking at the Landlords) Chow Brothers
Chris Pole - Triplet
Kelly Pretty - Drawing on Newton. Homage to Blake
Rebekah Rasmussen - 10184
Lorraine Rastorfer - Point of View
Sarah Read - Drawing for jewellery
Sarah Read - Drawing for jewellery 02
Peter Rive - Still Life
Natalia Saegusa - This goes there
Natalia Saegusa - Where is it
William Samuels - Murmuration
Sophie Scott - terroir, (dark stencil)
Diane Scott - Long Distance Call
Dylan Scott - street scene model
Emma Smith - Grill Face
Nicki Stewart - Muriwai
Lorene Taurerewa -The Rabbit
Cobi Ellen Taylor-  pare (off)
Ruth Thomas-Edmond - Beneath the carpet and the stars
Francis van Hout - Looking through a catalogue
Natasha van Schaardenburg - Study of Heads
Creek Waddington - 9 Beards I Have Drawn On and Worn
Camille Walton - Odalisque
Charlotte Watson - Untitled
Georgia Watts - My Pavilion
Rohan Wealleans - She Shells She Shells
Clara Wells - Swarm Frequency
Lee Woodman - Line meditation #11
Lee Woodman - Circle meditation #2


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