Nico Karol

Ina Johann

Hannah Beehre - Winner

Andre Hemer

Gill Newland

Marie Le Lievre

Karina Balea-Raitz

Duncan Anderson

Paul Cullen

Tom Armstrong
Donna-Marie Patterson

Sam Harrison

Martin Ball 

The 2016 Finalists

Hannah Beehre - The CatastropheWinner

Karina Balea-Raitz - VIIHighly Commended

Paul Cullen - The Auckland Plan - Highly Commended

Martin Ball - Taped iii Highly Commended

Sam Harrison - Portrait - Highly Commended

Ina Johann - Parallel Lines - Mapping another lifeHighly Commended

Tom Armstrong - pushmepullyouHighly Commended

Gill Newland - Three Stitches and a TurnHighly Commended

Duncan Anderson - Dismissed - Highly Commended

Andre Hemer - New Tuscan Sunset Scans - Highly Commended

Marie Le Lievre - Hysterical MemesHighly Commended

Donna-Marie Patterson - Floating PhantomsHighly Commended

Nico Karol - The Essential PrisonerHighly Commended


Other finalists

Alan MacDonald - The Kabbalah Tea Of Mercy Is Not Strained

Catherine English - Drawing X 2076.

Natalie Guy - Memories from a Chinese Garden

Mark Anstis - Life drawing of Nicci

Shayn Wills - The last meter

Donna-Marie Patterson - Self Portrait

Donna-Marie Patterson - Floating Phantoms

Kate Beatty - Flying Heron

Carolyn Edmonds - Hong Kong Art Week 16 : Oh How it Rained.

Rebecca Holden - Hansel and Gretel

Bent - Everyday Viewing (Hutt Road)

Rozana Lee - Singapore Sling

Victoria Wallace - Company Restructure: Strange Dandelions boutique

Charlotte-Aimee Smith - Into the pond

Molly Timmins - Lucy and Paul

Lea-Anne Sheather - Wild

Fiona Lee Graham - Deciding to have Faith

Eleanor Wright - Anaru

EDWARDS+JOHANN - On the Seam of Things - Constellations #6

Kirsten Ferguson - untitled

Tarn Watkinson - Imaginary World

Sam Clague - The penis he thought was his own

Jonathan Cuming - Black Head II

Sean Woolcott - Awakening

Maria OToole - Caylus IV

Kevin Cartwright - Scalar Image 01, Print 02. 'Te Hapu,' 2016.

Denise Wilkinson - Olivia's Drawing on Lucy's Bed

Aaron Waghorn - Day and Night (diptych)

Alex Matthews - Happy 60th Birthday

Karyn Roberts - Pavement 1

Jillian Whitmore - Where views collide

Anna Dalzell - Silent protest

Ferne Mcintosh - Manifestation of the invisible

Leslie Falls - To Be rather than to seem

Janet Mazenier - Yellow Enough to Cry

Rachael Dewhirst - Soar

Wendy Bornholdt - Drawings wrapped in tissue with milk jug 090516

Sara Riordan - Monachopsis

David Waterman - Perihelion

Camille Walton - Glimpse

Jennifer Mason - Hart

Tatyana Kulida - Dance of Creation 

Michael Vaughan - Jockey 2

Suzanne Gough - Farm to Subdivision

Ferne Mcintosh - Land contained by four edges of the paper

Catherine Macdonald - The Keys

Denise Durkin - Donald, 2016

Lorraine Rastorfer - The Hunter

Larisse Hall - Intimation

Maggie McGregor - 6.3

Melissa Macleod - Salt of the Earth (scale 1;2, sand from New Brighton Chch)

Katharine White - The Mabon

Yonel Watene - A study for what could be an interior setting in a painting

Phil Andrews - Girl in the hood

Rosa Allison - Untitled

Liam Barr - Halo

Margaret Silverwood - La Belle Flamme

Tyne Gordon - Salivate Wildly

Damon Meade - One whimsical decision

Christina Read - Stripes

Helen Forrest - Meditation

Sarah Callesen - Long sustained drone

Elton Irvine - Looking at the sky through butter moulded by cooked pasta in a plastic container on a Monday morning

Thomas Hancock - Co-Curators

Cathy Tuato'o Ross - Study of an unknown woman's work (with interruptions)

Gary Freemantle - Floods, Horowhenua

Simon Esling -

Chora Carleton - aphoticclouds

Ellie Compton - The Transparent Hotel

Francis van Hout - I can't draw

Kathryn Madill - Our Dorothy

Nico Karel - The Essential Prisoner

Janie Bruce - 6.5.16 - 10.6.16 what is this again, again and again forever. In April. First a month, now nearly

Philip Madill - Exhibitionary Complex

Philip Jarvis - The Hut Warden said 'This will change your life'

Greer Townshend - With You (Portrait of Couture Florist Mark Colle) (Notes -Based on an image by Marcel Lennartz)

Ross Gray - City Selfie

Katharina Jaeger - Air Between

Andrea du Chatenier - Lire, wire, glaze #171

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