Jacqui Colley Long Echo - Winner

EDWARDS + JOHANN - Concretions - drawing forces #2 - Merit Award

Matthew Griffin - Hidden - Merit Award

Duncan Anderson - One Morning Break - Merit Award

Sarah Callesen - Unsounding - Merit Award

Krystina Kaza - Faultless Failing- Merit Award

Donna-Marie Patterson - Glitches in Progress - Merit Award

Harry McAlpine - The Daily Me - Merit Award

Ruth Cleland - Paint, Concrete, Gold Grid- Merit Award

Tim Larkin - I Don’t Share (One Hundred Metres Blue) - Merit Award


The Parkin Drawing Prize 2018 finalists.

Congratulations who have been selected as finalists. 463 works were submitted and the selectors made some difficult decisions to shortlist 72 works for 2018.

The artwork shown online may differ slightly from the original. Artworks may be depicted in detail and colours may vary.

See photos from the Parkin Drawing Prize 2018 event.


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