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The Parkin Drawing Prize is Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier award for drawing. It promotes drawing in all its forms – as discovery, a testing of ideas, and decision making.



Congratulations to the 2018 winner of the Parkin Drawing Prize

Jacqui Colley has been named winner for her artwork, Long Echo

Jacqui refers to her work is a response to place, a visceral reaction to events and activities around me.

Nature, the human condition, music, industrialisation and digitisation are all central themes and an entrance to my work. Long Echo is a meditation on altered nature where social and ecological systems clash.

I’ve loosely referenced aerial views from Canterbury, observing shapes; rivers which flow from the mountains to the sea, the great lakes and the few remaining wetlands. With intersecting grids, circles and lines I have mimicked the colonisation of the now mechanised land.

I was influenced by pre-european Māori rock art on the limestone cliffs at Takiroa near the Waitaki River. I visited these drawings, contemplating the information they shared for travellers; of warnings, beliefs and the locations of provisions. This inspired me to make my own indelible marks to reflect our current precarious status, by drawing and etching it into a shiny metal surface – a symbol of modernity.

View the 2018 Photo Gallery

View the 2018 Exhibition Event

View the Media Release

2018 Finalist Artwork

The 2018 Finalists

The winner of the Parkin Drawing Prize 2018

Jacqui Colley Long Echo

2018 Merit Award 

Duncan Anderson - One Morning Break

Sarah Callesen - Unsounding

Ruth Cleland - Paint, Concrete, Gold Grid

EDWARDS + JOHANN - Concretions - drawing forces #2

Matthew Griffin - Hidden

Krystina Kaza - Faultless Failing

Tim Larkin - I Don’t Share (One Hundred Metres Blue)

Harry McAlpine - The Daily Me

Donna-Marie Patterson - Glitches in Progress

Gary Peters - 24 drawings

All 2018 Finalists

Alice Alva - 2 Units, 2 Titles

Dan Anbury - Mattress

Duncan Anderson - One Morning Break  MERIT AWARD

Martin Ball - Fugitive

Miranda Bellamy - Stray

Mark Braunias - Egg Head Weds Hourglass (studies towards the Evolutional Mongrel)

David Brown - AR 2018 BEEN THERE

Sarah Callesen - Drawn Sound

Sarah Callesen - Unsounding  MERIT AWARD

Christine Chae - +13,810 - 2,986

Andrea Chatenier - Big-fat-dotted line

Katherine Claypole - 5000 French Knots

Ruth Cleland - Paint, Concrete, Gold Grid  MERIT AWARD

Jacqui Colley - Long Echo  WINNER

Sam Dollimore - Would Probably be Shiny if I Could See It

Victoria / Ina Edwards + Johann - Concretions - drawing forces #2  MERIT AWARD

Catherine English - My monstrous line - a gift

Michelle Farrell - The Passages of Aqueous

Michelle Farrell - Turbulance

Cara Fotofili - Clear Air Turbulence #2

Viky Garden - Sandringham Frost

Robyn Gibson - Field

Hannah Goodwin - Careful Nonsense

Sally Griffin - Friendship Cove

Matthew Griffin - Hidden  MERIT AWARD

Margaret Eve Halliwell - Puponga 2

Frances Haszard - Making a bed

Jutta Humpfer - Runner-Up

Maggy Johnston - The Textures of the 800 metre Line

Marilyn Jones - Menagerie of Maquettes

Tamara Kan - Meniscus 3

Jae Kang - Into & Out of

Jonathan Kay - Ice Field #14, Te Moeka o Tuawe - Fox Glacier

Krystina Kaza - Faultless Failing  MERIT AWARD

Krystina Kaza - Lines Laid Parallel

Viv Kepes - Oviparity I

Solyi Kim - Pencil marks - Wellington

Tim Larki - I Don't Share (One Hundred Metres Blue)  MERIT AWARD

Marie Le Lievre - Heads Up (Table)

Hugo koha Lindsay - Failed geometry

Pipi Lovell-Smith - Turrell

Melissa Macleod - Drawing Water (Action: Brighton Estuary)

Harry McAlpine - The Daily Me (Recommended Content and Other Things You Might Like)  MERIT AWARD

Dominic McElwee - 1d20

Stephanie McEwin - The Forgotten Feminists 1

Jean McKinnon - the pile-of-dirt tree

Rob McLeod - Explorer And Victims

Oliver Morse - Chartreuse ii

Wendy Murphy - Meditations on Mortality 5

Trevor Newman - Penumbra

Ainsley O'Connell - Casting a Line

Raaya Pathare - Chicago

Donna-Marie Patterson - Glitches in Progress  MERIT AWARD

Donna-Marie Patterson - Human Daydream

Gary Peters - 24 drawings  MERIT AWARD

Carolin Prinn - The King of The World

John Pusateri - Past Visitant

Rebekah Rasmussen - Quanta of love

Merthyr Ruxton - RED

Diane Scott - Lattice

Margaret Silverwood - I Think I'll Make an Exquisite Corpse Some Day

Charlotte-Aimee Smith - Mostly Drawing

Mo Stewart - Lifeblood

Morag Stokes - 26.3.18

Christine Taylor - Cutting in Line

Molly Timmins - Handle With Care

Sian Torrington - Drawing, is dirty

Creek Waddington - Watching my neighbour again

Rebecca Wallis - Corpus 3

Robert West - I am still here

Billy Wilson - Grenfall

Creek Waddington and Sian Torrington - Lesbian domestic diptych



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Interview with Chris Parkin founder of the Parkin Drawing Prize
Published on May 18, 2016
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