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Some of these page types may not be available on this website.

Select your Page Type according to the purpose and aims of the particular post. Below are short descriptions to help you select the correct one.

Uni-module Page Types

BLOGS: A blog post is generally written in an informal or conversational style, e.g. "it's about a week since I last blogged". They typically express personal opinions, activities, and experiences, and it's best if fresh posts are published often. An overarching characteristic is that posts seek responses (comments) and they are often highly topical (for the moment). Use a ‘name’ for the author and remember to switch on ‘Comments’. If the author is anonymous, you might use an alternative such as ‘Editor’.

DIARY: A diary post could be used as a regular record of events (today’s diary entry) or as a meeting report (Meeting Report from 12 June).

ARTICLES: An article post is generally more formally written than a blog post (think magazine articles), is perhaps more timeless in its shelf-life and might be longer (say more than 500 words).

MEDIA RELEASES: A media release is regarded as information provided to 'traditional media outlets' for the purpose of reported publication and public relations.

NEWS: A news post allows you to present your ‘latest news’ items or solve the problem of how to present news content that needs a link to another website. It may be a long item (your own news), or a short item with a link to a news source.

SPEECH: Text from a speech or presentation, e.g. Rachel Smith’s speech to the New York Club.

ITEMS: Relatively static reference content that might not easily fit any other Page Type, say used as go-to link pages by bloggers, articles and papers writers. For example, a static description page for an Activity or Project.

LIBRARY: Content on a topic which typically contains lists and links to existing online content that’s external to your website, e.g. links to items in university websites.

PAPERS: Academic or white papers.

RESOURCES: Every page title starts with ‘How to...’, e.g. ‘How to write a business plan in one day’. Resources pages will be factual and often use bullets, numbers and diagrams to show steps and provide clarity.

If you are an administrator of a Flightdec website, your Page Type can be displayed in the Index Display Page to suit your needs, for example, 'Media Release' might be re-named 'Press Releases' or whatever.

Other modules

EVENTS: An event which has a date, time and location.

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