See 2019 Finalist artworks

The 2019 Finalists

The winner of the Parkin Drawing Prize 2019

Michael Dell - Every Valley

2019 Highly Commended

Kathy Barber - Unspoken (Auckland)

Gabriella Challis - Everything But The Bathroom (Ngatea)

Matt Ellwood - Autumn / Winter (Kobani) (Auckland)

Emily Gordon - Frame in Black (Dunedin)
Weilun Ha - A big heart is a fragile one (Auckland) 

Kim Ireland - Twenty-four (Nelson)

Gaye Jurisich - Incumber (Hamilton)

Caroline McQuarrie - Prospects Fearful Folio (Wellington)

James Ormsby - The House of Te A (L.D.26 + 27) (Tauranga)

James Robinson - In and Out (Dunedin).

All 2019 Finalists

Duncan Anderson - Woman’s Head

Kathy Barber - Unspoken  Highly Commended

Kathy Barry - Solar

Carol Bisset - The writings on the wall

Pam Brabants - McCahon What About Anne

Sarah Callesen - Time Field - Speculative Audio Drawing

Chora Carleton - Wrote

Cathy Carter - Infra-Moana

Pete Cernis - Borrowed Raindrops

Gabriella Challis - Everything But The Bathroom Highly Commended

Blair Chamberlain - Beatnik

Yew Li (Don) Chooi - Orientalis - Reconciliation

Judith Cordeaux - Recycled #21

Michael Dell - Every Valley WINNER

Lucy Dolan Kang - Winning entry

Sam Dollimore - Unbecoming

Denise Durkin - Water2

Matt Ellwood - Autumn / Winter (Kobani) Highly Commended

Leslie Falls - Homage to HH

Michelle Farrell - Flow softly II

Tom Fox - Untitled 1

Tom Fox - Untitled 2

Viky Garden - Self Portrait at 57

Emily Gordon - Frame in Black Highly Commended

Christine Gregory - Rise Up

Kate Hartmann - Mothers Ruin

Weilun Ha - A big heart is a fragile one Highly Commended

Jutta Humpfer - Chemtrails

Kim Ireland - Twenty-four Highly Commended

Gaye Jurisich - Incumber Highly Commended

Tamara Kan - As Is, Where Is

Madison Kelly - Epitaph

Susanne Kerr - The Arrangement

Motoko Kikkawa - Doodle in May

Aaron King-Cole - Hot Mesh

Russell Kleyn - Auto-Sketch No.1

Russell Kleyn - Auto-Sketch No.2

Rozana Lee - Ornamentalism

Johnathan Lovering - Maunga 2 - Cathedrals

Nicola McCafferty - White Noise

Melissa McDougall - Erasure (Hands of Time)

Kaye McGarva - Shadow Play

Kaye & Chika McGarva & Kishimoto Lindsay - Crane

Kaye & Chika McGarva & Kishimoto Lindsay - Cross

Maggie McGregor - Frontline

Caroline McQuarrie - Prospects Fearful Folio Highly Commended

Rose Meyer - A simply connected Riemannian manifold with negative Gaussian curvature

Wendy Murphy - Meditation on Mortality X

Trevor Newman - Falling through Space

Tallulah Nunez - Maximalistic message to self

James Ormsby - The House of - Te A Highly Commended

Donna-Marie Patterson - The memory is constantly moving

Rachel Peary - Something Exchanged

Emma Louise Pratt - Impermanence III

Carolin Prinn - With My Eyes To The Sky

Pantea Rastegari - A glass of tea

Sally Reynolds - Wind-blown

Matt Ritani - The house we built axonometric

Jude Robertson - Nebulous (Kapiti Island summit)?

James Robinson - In and Out Highly Commended

Frances Rood - Aside II

Richard Ruegg - Taking back the rain

Merthyr Ruxton - Maison La Roche

Maria Sainsbury - Foreign body - the otherness is me

Carol Smart - Moire

Michael Springer - Into the Fold

Morag Stokes - Entropy (quadtych)

Marie Strauss - Written in Stone

Marie Strauss - Is this the world as we know it?

Christine Szabados - Venus

James Thomson-Bache - Memory Gaps

Briar Tucker - Message in a Bottle

Elisabeth Vullings - Mātaki - ‘to gaze, watch, inspect, examine and observe’

Michelle Walton - White Paper Tessellation no1

Marion Wassenaar - Carbon Remains

Robert West - Four journeys recorded for posterity

Billy Wilson - The Storehouse

Greg Yee - You, Us, They


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