Parkin Drawing Prize 2023

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Connah Podmore | Street light (the room where your brother was born) Not for sale

Merit Awards

The Day He Told Me He'd Died - Kata Brown 

Ironing Bored - Jann Lenihan 

40 hour work week - Frances Krsinich 

The beginning and the end - Lucy Dolan Kang

Ruby - Bonnie Wroe

Modernity - Jordan Barnes

I just thought I was really important Brent Treacher

How I Remember It - Allette Ockhuysen

Dancing Growing - Motoko Kikkawa 

self-portraits Duncan Anderson

Take it awayEmily Harris

The best I can do for the momentClara Wells


Erica Adams | Poropiti

Duncan Anderson | Self-portraits

Debbie Barber | I woke last night and wrote

Jordan Barnes | Modernity

Helen Beaven | Knot Free

Peter Bradburn | ADAMAH

Kata Brown | The Day He Told Me He'd Died

Grant Bunyan | Golden Years

Greg Chaston | The Couturier

Katherine Claypole | No Moving Parts

Brenna Coleman-Smith | My Kalib

Josie Connor | Snail's Pace

Barbara Cope | Through the Looking Glass

Bronwyn Copeland | Exploration of Beauty

Jonathan Cuming | Glimmer

Anne Daniel | Journeys

Yavanna den harder | Zarafe

Akiko Diegel | The Victory of broken wings

Lucy Dolan Kang | The beginning and the end

Sandra Douglas | Entered

Sharon Duymel | MotherMother II

C J Edmonds | Gay Bar

Claire Ellery | Bored Games

Hayley Elliott-Kernot  | Expectations

Abby Evans | Proud warrior

Alice Fennessy  | Self Portrait with the Dollhouse

Lynette Fisher | Self Portrait, 1985

James R Ford | Finitude (Roxburgh)

Natalie Gelder | Construct

Trantham Gordon | A4 Twofold: acknowledging A0 Folded Moire Drawing

Fiona Lee Graham | Nature's Calling

Emily Harris | 'Take It Away'

Heather Hayward | Walking Cups

Lynn Hurst | Boy with Gun

David James | She is Like a Mountain

Ina Johann | Mapping another life - A state of being in disguise of a cloud/Liminalities

Gaye Jurisich | Scroll

Motoko Kikkawa | Dancing Growing

Verity Kindleysides |  Ilsa - 70s Tangerine Dream

Frances Krsinich | 40 hour work week

Peata Larkin | Wishing never caught a crayfish (54 whakataukī_2023)

Jann Lenihan | Ironing Bored

Ying Lim | I Said My Lung Was A Moving Compass

Johnathan Lovering | Fetish

Jodie McEwan | Flow

Brendan McGorry | Mother and Child

Ruth Mitchener | Pre-Porridge

Jane Molloy-Wolt | Primal Transcript

Anne Morris | Torrent

Lisa Munnelly | Dirty Edges Diptych

Cam Munroe | The purple suitcase

Kylie Murrle | Time lapse

Gill Newland | Looped

Allette Ockhuysen | How I Remember It

Antonia O'Mahony | Gleaner Watched by Planets

Rachel  Peary | Silent Listener

Samuel Pepper | Spur

Michele Perry-Madsen | 0800-HELP ME (Map of the Scars)

Connah Podmore | Street light (the room where your brother was born)

Brie Rate | Bell original tea box, sticky notes, camellia

Mark Alister Raymer | Sure-Footing

Sarah Read | Untitled

Helen Reynolds | Pain + Ease - White 3.4.1

James Robinson | ETU (Bridge Mirrors)

Siobhan Rosenthal | Morphine, Day and Night: A DIPTYCH

Nina Hiraina Ross | Dust Map

Emily Schneider | 11.36pm, One Square Inch of Silence

Emma Sellers | Screenshot, (My Father's Death).

Deb Shepherd | Woman's Work #1

Louann Sidon | Lazulum

Amanda Smith | This is the place where I live for now #12 (Broken Heart)

Morag Stokes | Taniwha

Micheal Stone | Convergence

James Thomson Bache  | Blueprint For a Folded Mind

Brent Treacher | I just thought I was really important

Cathy Tuato'o Ross | Wedding dress c 1974 Wrapped in tissue, then unwrapped, looked at and wrapped up again.

Greta Umbers | When it Floods, Where Will We Be Carried?

Fiona Van Oyen | Carbon water and air

Karla Vink | Play?

Elisabeth Vullings | Temporary Site Plan (Variation 1)

Justine Walker | Filled with the intent

Charlotte Warman | Seeking Stillness

James Warrender | Taking the Mickey

Clara Wells | The best I can do for the moment

Bonnie Wroe | Ruby

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