Changing our Future

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I was born in England in 1979 and started my artistic journey from the moment I could hold a pencil. 

While studying art in the UK my focus was on the abstract. Pieces were created to convey meaning and viewers were invited to explore their own understanding of the piece, creating a unique visual experience for each viewer. 

In 2001 I immigrated to New Zealand and my focus shifted to the literal. The landscape inspired me to paint what I could see in a bold and representational way. From there my focus evolved to native flora and fauna, in particular native birds. While some elements of my work remained literal, there has always been a tendency to lean a little towards the abstract. 

Over the years my subjects and styles have changed and evolved and I find myself now exploring the human figure with a specific focus on emotion. 

The work I have submitted explores the relationship between mother and daughter and the huge emotional impact that is caused when they are separated. Our current immigration policies won't allow my mother to live here in New Zealand with me, her only child and only grandchildren and I know we are not the only ones in this situation. The toll on mental health and well being for our future generations will be significant. 

My work has come full circle from the abstract to the representational to the literal. My aim with my current series of work is to provoke a reaction from our Government and society to reassess the current policies and question the impact that the break down of many family units across the country will have on our future generations mental health and well being. This is my opportunity to make a stand and create change. I only hope that this will happen before it is too late for my family.

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything".  Michael J Fox





Changing our Future

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