Shortlist revealed in 2024 Parkin Drawing Prize


Bird nests, plum tree branches, human hair, electrical wires, porcelain plates from 1890, and coal dust from the Maramarua coal mine are among the intriguing variety of materials incorporated into artworks shortlisted for this year’s Parkin Drawing Prize.

The 2024 competition attracted an impressive 463 entries. From those entries, a short-list* of 77 works has been selected for the national drawing competition, the winner of which will be awarded the major prize of $25,000. Ten highly commended prizes of $500.00 are also awarded.

The national competition, now into its 12th year, was founded in 2012 and been generously supported by arts patron Chris Parkin since then. Until the advent of the Parkin, the New Zealand art world lacked a substantial drawing award.

"Once again it’s thrilling to see such a strong number of entries utilising such a variety of mediums. It demonstrates that despite adversity, creativity in all its forms not only endures but thrives, to brilliantly showcase the resilience of the human spirit. If I have a regret, its’ that so many of the themes seem dark and dour, but maybe that’s just a reflection of the times” said Parkin.

The advisory panel comprises Lucy Hammonds, Curator at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Lizzie Bisley, Curator of Modern Art at Te Papa, and Wellington art dealer Hamish McKay.

The Winner will be selected and announced by New Zealand writer, art critic and curator, Justin Paton who is Head Curator of International Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Justin will announce the winner and highly commended recipients at the gala opening of the Parkin Drawing Prize exhibition at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington on Monday 5 August.

"Justin, as Head Curator of International Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and a New Zealander, brings a unique perspective to evaluating the best of New Zealand's contemporary drawing practice. I am honoured that he has accepted this role, and eagerly anticipate his visit to select the winner. “

Entries have been received throughout New Zealand from Whangarei to as far south as Invercargill and from overseas including a work from Berlin.

All of the artworks in the 2024 Parkin Drawing Prize exhibition will be available for purchase, giving admirers and collectors alike, the opportunity to purchase some wonderful pieces, as well as providing gallerists opportunities for new representation.

Previous winners include Monique Jansen (2013) with AO Folded Moire Drawing; Douglas Stichbury (2014) with Observer, Gabrielle Amodeo (2015) with The Floor We Walk On, Hannah Beehre’s Catastrophe (2016), Kirsty Lillico’s carpet installation State Block (2017), Jacqui Colley for Long Echo (2018), Michael Dell’s Every Valley (2019), Poppy Lekner’s Forward Slash (2020), Mark Braunias’ work In search of the Saccharine Underground,  Siân Stephens Liam Cutting His Hair After An All-nighter, and Street light (the room where your brother was born) by Connah Podmore last year.

The Parkin Drawing Prize exhibition will run from 6 August until Sunday, 1 September at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington.

Shortlist revealed in 2024 Parkin Drawing Prize


2024 Parkin Drawing Prize Finalist

Jay Allen | Seed Vault, amid concerns of flooding

Duncan Anderson | Coffee at work, three times - 10:25, 12:08, 14:53, 03.11.23

Tom Armstrong | Creatures at the bottom

Dave Ashburn | Pencil Drawing

Melanie Badenhorst | The map of Africa lost

Jordan Barnes | Intrusions

Theodore Brookes | Early Days

David Brown | Iterations of Solace and Pleasure

Kata Brown | Artist’s Desk (From 10 Years Old)

Kara Burrowes | Castemblage

Beatrice Carlson | it flows blue

Warren Chilton | Study in Empathy No’1

Julia Christey | Silence of Birds

Linda Cook | The Painting Stripped Bare

Felix Conlan | Eye Opener

Kyla Cresswell | Wetland: Kōreti VI

Deborah Crowe | Sightline Shifts

Madeleine Cunliffe | Nothing Gold Can Stay

Michael De Bois | Between Binaries: an Abridged Gender Identity Spectrum

Cecilia Denén | Composition with landscape

Peter Derksen | Heatwave

Anita DeSoto | Her Peace of Pink and Bite of Justice, after Corrado

Sam Dollimore | Projecting, again

Cameron Drawbridge | Homage to John Drawbridge

Alice Fennessy | Sunday Morning

Nela Fletcher | Tumour ballet

Peter Force | Riot

Stuart Forsyth | If I had muscles, I’d be a better dad

Karl Fritsch | Freeling

Sandy Gibbs | E.1027 (two elevations)

Robyn Gibson | Len Lye and Leonardo da Vinci - Red Line Motion

Emily Harris | When Darkness Steals the Light

Sandra Heffernan | Life lines

Veronica Herber | Awareness, The key to it All II

Lesa Hepburn | Premonition

Jutta Humpfer | Play my Strings

Jutta Humpfer | Humba Tāterā

Glen Hutchins | Night Shift

Adrian Jackman | Field Recording

Raymond Jennings | Christo’s Studio

Ella Jones | The visual world is inexhaustable

Motoko Kikkawa | Many things happening behind us

Simon King | Waka Hourua

Verity Kindleysides | Ilsa 2 - The Yellow Wallpaper

Marie Lotz | The Red Sampler

Philip Madill | Soma

Tanya Milton | What the Persian carpet didn’t say

Lisa Matthys | Pick up

Rose Meyer | Tāmaki Makaurau’s 53 Volcanos

Laura Mirebeau | Dispersion // Connection

Birgit Moffatt | Shaping Identity

Jane Molloy-Wolt | The Darkest Nights

Jane Molloy-Wolt | Ink Script

Lisa Munnelly | Aether

Stef Naldi | Restless

Paul Nankivell | Pianola Passion

Gill Newland | Five Squares

Emma Page | Yellow Sketch

Robyn Penn | The world is not a collection of things, it is a collection of events. Lawn I

Samuel Pepper | Ted

Brie Rate | Purau reserve stairs

Debbie Reynolds | Footpath Finds

Vicky Robertson | Bills to Pay

Clark Roworth | Crush - from my sketchbook

David Shennan | Before Peace . . . Chaos

Anne Shirley | The Messages

Morag Stokes | Ostinato

Jarad Tom | Looking Out Through Nine Body Holes Drawn With My Mother Pen

Debbie Tubb | Obedient Resistance

Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris | In No Small Measure

Raewyn Turner | Your Name is Like Perfume

Anna Turnbull | Portrait (after Corot)

Guy van der Wilt | A house for Guy

Celia Walker | Drawing Breath

John Ward Knox No title

Clara Wells | Me, Him and the Seismograph

Kathryn Wightman | Disrupted



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