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A New Zealand Artist pushing the boundaries between art and architecture. Jillian Whitmore graduated in 2015 from Massey University in Wellington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) and has exhibited at galleries in both Wellington and Whanganui. Her work “Where views collide” was shortlisted as a finalist in the 2016 Parkin Drawing Prize, she held her first Solo exhibition “Juncture” in Whanganui in 2016 and was featured in Architecture Now for her ideas about temporary environments in her art practice.  


Currently based in Wellington her work explores how places are designed in relation to their original purpose versus how they are currently used, Jillian studies the philosophers trying to define a space and fit it neatly into a category. This is problematic, as there are so many conflicting perceptions of space within one place. The interesting part is what happens when people start to inhabit these places and create a complex multitude of opportunities within one space. 


Permanence is increasingly becoming a concept of the past, especially in the contemporary built environment, infrastructure is not built to last. The relationships we and our societies have with places and spaces are so fleeting and temporary, this relationship transforms into the physical fleeting environment. One which is forever changing and morphing into new places, making way for new fleeting relationships and perceptions. 


Jillian uses this concept of temporality to drive her organic architectural designs, proposing a future more fluid city that represents the reality of these ungraspable spaces. She applies translucent watercolour to create ephemeral designs, depicting transformative cityscapes, accommodating of the ever changing needs of our society. Interlocking shapes and forms create multiple juncture points releasing unlimited possibilities for our future infrastructure to behave in new ways and causing us to question our current places of being. 


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Jillian Whitmore

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