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Well, why did I decide to enter the World of WearableArt for the last 9 years?

Why did I decide to make, show, exhibit for the last 15 years?


It started when I was 5. In France.

Oui, by the way, I am French, but this could be the subject of another paper!

So, I was 5, quiet at home, alone. Mum was just across the road buying a baguette, as every French woman does!

When she came back, our neighbor was at our door, telling Mum she heard a big noise, cries then no noise…

Oh la la

They found me on the floor, reading a fashion magazine. I fell off the chair I used to pick up that magazine on top of the fridge.

Et voila, my first attempt at fashion was already there…and painful!

I always state in my CV:

 “ I am a French visual artist living in Aotearoa for the last 15 years.

I have “a genetic fashion disorder” with a great grandmother fine linen embroiderer, 2 grandmothers couturieres…and a French fashion design diploma”


I ended up doing a diploma of Fashion Design –Patternmaking. I have been teaching it in France, creating my own Fashion Brand.

Texture, volume, harmony, storytelling, it was all there! The logic was to evolve into Art in the many forms I enjoy:
WearableArt pieces, Jewellery, Printmaking, Visual Art

Competitions…this year I will enter Parkin Prize, a new challenge!

Challenges…excitement, buzz, frantic deadlines, crazy making…I love all of it!

I am born like this…Don’t get me wrong! It is not a gift, more a curse.

I need it like oxygen. It makes me happy, satisfied, complete.

But, it is a very hard job. Commitment, dedication, sacrifice. No money or little, no recognition.

But I don’t regret any moment of it!

I am an Artist.

Beatrice Carlson

Next paper…next time!

Art is Addiction

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