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From a very young age I have been fortunate to have lived a nomadic life. I have travelled extensively via land air and sea experiencing various environments. Developing an acute awareness to our land my own experiences have remained etched in my mind allowing me to revisit special places. I make my artwork as it is a cathartic form of understanding my own personnel journey and also our journey as a collective community on a global scale. My interpretation of journey is significant to my story and how I relate to a sense of identity.

Love for land and a profound sense of place inspires me to continue to paint. Communicating the earthly elements through the evidence of touch by using mixed materials excites me. Recording the sensory impact a colour, texture or scene causes within in me is significant to my process. The appearance of repeating symbols relating to time, memory and journey represents my message.

My paintings explore a unique view of a sensitive connection with environment. Interpretation evolves in the making. Abstracted from memory, inspired by a photograph or drawn direct from contemporary life my landscapes evoke dream like scenes. Real or imaginary worlds are intentionally ambiguous. Projection of self through inner and outer terrains is made visual through materials symbolising metaphor communicated through a painterly touch.

My experience of the Parkin Prize is based on submitting two pieces in 2016 and successfully selling one. The opportunity to exhibit in Wellington with such a prestigious exhibition is not to be missed. I am excited to hopefully exhibit with the celebration of Drawing.

Ferne McIntosh

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